How does it work?

Install the Condor App onto your phone (we can provide phones if needed) before the day.  Input your team name, name, and handicap and your ready to go.

Play your round, enter gross scores after every hole, view the live leaderboard to see up to date action.

The system will show the location & speed of each group moving round.

View your results – View your final position on the big screen, all scorecards available digitally.



Or use our pre-prepared phones.


Play your round as normal. Use the phone to enter scores, view comp updates, or contact the club in an emergency.


System will give feedback on how long you played each hole, as well as a detailed score breakdown.

Current Challenges

There are a number of challenges currently facing golf. Current golf player management solutions are not working because it is very difficult to enforce the rules.

  • There is no way of immediately identifying slow play or a stopped group
  • Top tournaments only have 2-3 referees per course
  • A course marshal can cost a club anywhere between £7,000 – £14,000 per year
  • Some golf clubs have an issue with members of the public gaining access to the course without paying
  • The natural size of a golf course means it cannot be monitored manually
  • Groups cannot be contacted whilst out on the course
  • The ‘play through’ etiquette cannot be enforced
  • A club may have a bottle neck that it is not aware of

Want to run your own golf day?

Want to run your own comp days?

Use our software of offer a unique golf day?

Contact Luke on 07917236680 for more information.

Run your own golf days, earn your own income

Call Luke on 07917236680

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